Oldsmobile 88

As the division’s highest selling model for over twenty years, the Oldsmobile 88 earned its place as an undeniable landmark of the General Motors catalog. The model’s fifty year run from 1949 to 1999 showcased bold, intriguing designs and remarkable sale track records. Upon release, the first generation stylistically marked a transition into the fifties with its light body and powerful engine, which most agree made it the first muscle car in hindsight.


The 88 elevated the Oldsmobile brand from what was often considered to be a “conservative” line all the way to a NASCAR winner. In fact, before the Hudson Hornet overshadowed its popularity, the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was the first real “King of NASCAR.” The success on the racing track led to a rise in sales for the model, sparking a particular interest amidst young World War II veterans who had grown used to maneuvering powerful machinery while serving.


A year within the car’s release, the 88 became the top selling Oldsmobile model, for the first generation’s success remained steady as the second generation was released in 1954. And it would retain its popularity all the way through its first five generations all the way until 1964. Throughout these twenty-four years, the 88 kept delivering stylish cars with bold and powerful design choices, rendering it an iconic piece of automobile history.

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