Ford Torino

The Ford Torino line was produced between 1968 and 1976 for the intermediate market. The line covered both conventional and muscle cars, the latter of which went on to race at NASCAR. The most popular models in the Torino line were the two door hardtops and the four door sedans, which went on to become some of Ford’s best selling at the time.

The lineup’s signature sports car was the Torino GT, which was considered the sporty version of the previous Ford Fairlane 500 series. The model was available as a two door hardtop, a two door SportsRood, and a convertible. Well received upon its release, reviews said the GT offered a good combination of power and handling, therefore cementing its legacy as an affordable alternative to a sports car.

The slick design of the Ford Torino GT, its bright colors, and its balance of nostalgia and futurism quickly made it a favorite of enthusiasts. Its popularity was such that the 1968 Torino GT convertible was chosen as the 1968 Indianapolis 500 pace car.

After this, the Torino GT went relatively unchanged, but they were still the majority of Torinos produced. Out of the 129,054 units produced in 1969, 81,822 were Torino GTs.