Ford Sunliner

During the fifties and sixties, Ford used the Sunliner name on many of its full-sized convertibles across different lines and models. The first one to don the new name was the 1952 Crestline Sunliner, an elegant, shamelessly fifties roadster. The Crestline was at the top trim level of the 1952 Ford range, making the Sunliner a high end convertible at the time, and a consistent addition to the line for three years.

In 1955 the Sunliner became a part of Ford’s Fairlane line, and it would continue to bsell my classic car los angelese so until 1959. The 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner was a striking convertible with a bolder, more modern design than its predecessor. A staple of the second half of the decade, the Fairlane Sunliner eventually gave way to the upcoming new models of the sixties.

The next iteration of the Sunliner would be as a part of the Ford Galaxie canon. The 1959 Ford Galaxie Sunliner was a slick, slimmer version of the model up until now, remaining as a top tier option within the roadster market. The Sunliner would be the convertible option within the Galaxie name for another five years, until the last of its name was released in 1964.