Ford Roadster

Roadsters have been a staple of the Ford brand from its inception. Two door convertibles were available starting with the Ford Model T, the motor company’s first big success, and would continue to be throughout the next few decades and models. The style and elegance of the Ford brand combined with the inherently cool nature of convertibles always made up for interesting, popular roadsters.

One of the most iconic roadsters in the company lineup was the 1932 Ford convertible variant, with over twelve thousand units produced during the model’s run. At the time of their release, these cost just under five hundred dollars (over nine thousand dollars today), making them a reasonable luxury.

A lot of these roadsters found a second life during the hot-rodding craze of the mid-twentieth century. A hot rod refers to a classic, older car whose motor is modified in order to maximize the speed. These were a huge part of forties and fifties youth culture, given the low cost of the older models and the thrill of “building” your own ride.

Whether they are pristine or highly modified, Ford roadsters remain icons of the early decades of automobile design. To this day, these upscale convertibles are often favorites within the collectible market.