Ford Phaeton

The Ford Model T, known as the first affordable car in the market, was the first big success of the Ford Motor Company. After its almost twenty year run, coming up with a worthy successor was not only preferably, it was imperative. Lucky for them, the Ford Model A was an even bigger success, with a million units sold within fifteen months of its release (and two million just five months later).

The Model A was available in a wide variety of styles, out of which one of the most iconic was the Ford Phaeton. This elegant, early convertible was available in standard (two door) and deluxe (four door) models, both of which boasted the poise and polish of the Phaeton in their own way.

The Phaeton would continue to be a part of the lineup in the model’s successor: Model B, which was released in 1932 and ceased production in 1934. This time, the Ford Phaeton would still be available in standard and deluxe versions, but they would both be four door vehicles.

The Phaeton line would quickly become an iconic part of the Ford lineup, with its decidedly thirties style and undeniable elegance rendering a staple of the era. Today, it remains a jewel of the early Ford years.