1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302


The Decline Of  Ford’s  Mustang

The Mustang Boss 302 makes its debut to critical acclaim and at Ford headquarters, the executives celebrate, relieved at this good news. This is not just good news but great news. Prior to the arrival of the 1969 Boss 302, morale over at the Mustang department is at an all-time low. The reputation of the first pony car is in jeopardy. Sales are declining steadily due to stiff competition. Current models of the Mustang simply cannot compete with  Camaro’s Z28.  In fact, the z28, Mustang’s chief rival, is outselling Ford’s pony car. The z28 is also dominating the race track. The warm reception of the  1969 Boss 302 brings a tentative hope that once again, Ford’s Mustang will reign supreme at the race track and in dealerships across America.

The decline of the Mustang is a cautionary tale that illustrates what can happen when a company fails to innovate and to keep up with the times.  As the inventor of the pony car, Ford has no competition in 1964 and becomes the bestselling car of all time. In some places, demand exceeds supply by 15-1. In five short years, however, the Mustang goes from bestseller to mediocre.  To change this course of events, Ford introduces the Boss 302 and it is a thing of beauty.




Ford Mustang Boss 302Accessories and Features Of the Mustang Boss 302

At first glance, the Mustang Boss 302 is every inch the muscle car. Sporty and powerful, it commands attention with its striking good looks. The car is instantly recognizable by its matte black hood, side stripes and 302 Boss decals. The only body style available is the sports roof style and because it is a sports car, only manual transmission is available. There are four exterior colors choices-Acapulco Blue, Calypso Coral, Bright Yellow and Wimbledon White.

While color choices are limited, options for the interior are more plentiful. For example, all standard and deluxe interiors are available for the Boss 302.   Most consumers, however, choose the standard black interior with bucket-style rear bench seats.

Under the hood, the Boss 302 comes equipped with a special performance package and a specialized engine. The competition suspension,  heavy-duty shock absorbers and power front disc brakes are all specially engineered to dominate the race track.