Ford Galaxie

From 1959 all the way through 1974, the Galaxie was a staple of the Ford brand. Starting with the first generation of Galaxie models in the late fifties, the lineup was a product of its time. Its chrome and stainless steel finish are a signifier of its era, and it soon gave it an endearingly vintage look.

The Galaxie series proved to be versatile and ambitious, with models ranging from two-doors and four-doors, sedans to hardtops, and convertibles to station wagons. But regardless of its shape or form, the models conserved their look and style. The models showcased the transition between the fifties and seventies, and paved the way for innovative designs in the decade to come.

Over six million units of the varying Galaxie models were produced across fifteen years, throughout which the series maintained its popularity and good reception. The success of the series even led Ford to expand production of the models to Australia and Brazil.

Throughout the many iterations of the Ford Galaxie and its fifteen year run, it always retained its characteristic shape, elegant demeanor, and nostalgic feel. Nowadays, it is nothing short of iconic. The Galaxie remains a classic, and a favorite of period pieces and car collectors.