Ford Fairlane

Named after Henry Ford’s Michigan estate Fair Lane, the Ford Fairlane line of cars went on for fifteen years between 1955 and 1970. The models in the lineup ranged from sedans to convertibles, with several iconic cars appearing throughout. The production of the very successful line went on to span three contents, with assembly taking place in Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and several cities within the United States.

Its first generation in 1955 saw the release of classics such as the Crown Victoria Skyliner, the Crown Victoria Coupe, the Victoria Hardtop Coupe, a convertible Sunliner, and other sedans. The second generation two years later brought in a new longer, lower, and wider style for the line with lower tailfins. The 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner, Ford’s first retractable convertible, was a highlight of this generation.

The subsequent five generations further expanded the horizons of the Fairlane line, experimenting sin size and style while retaining the appealing aesthetic that made the original cars such a success. Throughout the sixties, Ford’s Fairlane series was a constant symbol of road elegance, defining a key part of the look of the decade. Decidedly vintage in all the best ways, the Fairline lineup is a vital part of any classic car show.