Ford Bronco

For over thirty years (from 1965 to 1996) Ford produced the Bronco line of SUVs. It was developed as an off-road vehicle, intended as a competitor for the Jeep CJ-5. The first generation of the two door “compact” SUV was produced for over a decade in a range of different styles, varying in shape and design.

Featuring a design focused on simplicity and economy, the Ford Bronco was available as a roadster, a ranger wagon, and a pickup. This changed throughout the subsequent decades and the model’s five generations, but it retained its iconic, boxy look, its two door design, and its inherent sense of manageable motor power.

Throughout its many iterations, the SUV remained a popular, practical option for families, given its ample space and practical size, all the way through to the mid nineties. When the model was on its fifth generation there was a decline in interest on two door SUV models, which led to the discontinuation of the line in favor of the Ford Explorer.

However, a sixth generation of the Ford Bronco is set to be released in 2020 as a 2021 model. The 2021 iteration of the model will be the first to adopt a four door design, and is meant to jump start a new line of Ford Bronco vehicles that take inspiration from the original run.