Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger has been successfully on the market since 1964, when it started out as a show car. The Charger is currently in it’s seventh generation, having undergone many modifications to fit the trends of the market. The three main iterations of the Charger were mid-sized “B-bodies”, subcompact “L-bodies” and the “LX” full-sized body. While most Dodge styles had stemmed from the Coronet, the Charger was based off the 1965 Dodge Dart GT. Both the Dart and Charger were designed for performance and comfortability. As a popular vehicle and design, the Charger has outlived many of its predecessors in maneuverability and style. The Dodge Charger is not expected to undergo a redesign until about 2020 or 2021, until which we shall wait patiently to see what Dodge will present.