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The Chevrolet Corvette is one of those lines that changed the automobile industry upon its introduction. It is so undeniably iconic that even those not immersed in the car scene are aware of its status as a classic line. From its very first generation, the Corvette line featured highly stylized convertible models. These have always been a staple of the Corvette nameplate, quickly becoming highly desired among classic car collectors and enthusiasts. In many ways, they have become synonymous with freedom and adventure, cementing its place in automobile history as America’s sports car. 

The Corvette was first introduced as a display show car in 1953 at the New York Auto Show, where the model generated enough public interest to warrant General Motors to work on a production version. This first generation, the C1, consisted of two door Corvette Convertible models that initially received mixed reviews and didn’t sell as well as projected. Although Chevrolet came fairly close to canceling the project, they ended up maintaining the course of the line and eventually produced a second generation.

The second Chevrolet Corvette generation, the C2, was the first to introduce the coupe rendition into the fairly new Corvette canon. It was first introduced in 1963, along with the Sting Ray nameplate, where it featured a distinctive tapering rear deck, non-functional hood vents, independent rear suspension, hidden headlamps, and a split rear window.

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