1982 Corvette

Sell a Classic 1982 Corvette

Production Numbers: 25,407

Color Combinations: White, red, black, charcoal metallic, silver metallic, silver blue metallic, silver green metallic, dark blue metallic, bright blue metallic, gold metallic, dark claret metallic

Engine Type: 350 CID, V-8 Overhead valve Cast iron block

Transmission: 4-Speed fully-synchronized transmission, 3-Range Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission

Additional Stats: Automatic overdrive transmission, cross-fire fuel-injected L83, collectors edition with exclusive hatch rear window

Knowing the 1982 Corvette would be the last of the C3 generation, Chevrolet chose to commemorate the end of, perhaps, the most influential generation of Corvettes with a special Collectors Edition exemplary. The special model would feature separate serial number sequencing, unique wheels that were modeled after the first model’s, an operable rear hatch window, and a special silver-beige color scheme.

Additionally, the 1982 Corvette featured the first cross-fire injection fuel delivery system of the line. It used two throttle bodies that ran under Chevrolet’s computer control system. Paired with a new transmission system, the new Corvette improved in regards to fuel economy (even if the transmission was often considered flawed and prone to issues).

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