1967 Corvette

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Production Numbers: 22,940

Color Combinations: Tuxedo Black, Ermine White, Rally Red, Marina Blue, Lyndale Blue, Elkhart Blue, Goodwood Green, Sunfire Yellow, Silver Pearl, Marlboro Maroon

Engine Type: 427 CID Big-Block Tri-Power V8, 427 CID Big-Block V8, 327 in³ Small-Block V8

Transmission: 3-Speed Synchro-Mesh Transmission, 4-Speed Synchro-Mesh Transmission

Additional Stats: Unique five-louver fenders, parking brake changed to lever in the center console, Big-Block hood bulge redesigned as a scoop

The 1967 Corvette was not meant to exist in the first place, for that was the year a new generation was intended to be launched. However, because of inadequacies in the new generation’s design, a new swan song for the line was introduced. As the last Corvette of the C2 generation, the 1967 Corvette didn’t receive any major changes, but the previous five years of refinements and improvements rendered it the absolute best of the line.

New front fenders, fat finish rockers, and a relocation of the parking brake from under the dash to the center console were a few of the modest upgrades featured in the 1967 Corvette. Given the anticipation for the new generation, sales were not as high as its predecessor. However, the vehicle still proves to be an outstanding bearer of the marque.

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