1961 Corvette

Sell Your Classic 1961 Corvette

Production Numbers: 10,939

Color Combinations: Tuxedo Black, Ermine White, Roman Red, Sateen Silver, Jewel Blue, Fawn Beige, Honduras Maroon

Engine Type: 283 cu in (4.6 L) Small-block V8

Transmission: 3-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh, 4-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh, Powerglide special automatic transmission

Additional Stats: New fine mesh grill and new styling on the rear, bumpers, and round tail lights.

Focusing on consistency and name building, the first generation of Corvettes wasn’t characterized by radical changes from one model year to the other. Instead, the creation of each new model represented an attempt to perfect what they already knew was the foundation for a classic. While otherwise remaining virtually the same, the 1961 Corvette saw the introduction of four tail lights to the lineup, a feature which remains a signature Corvette feature all the way to the present. While the engine displacement stayed the same at 283 cubic inches, the power output went up in both fuel injected engines all the way to 275 and 315 horsepower.

The 1961 Corvette iteration was the last one to have the contrasting paint colors in the cove areas, and it would be the last two-tone Corvette of any type for another seventeen years. One of the best known features of this year’s model would be a sneak peek of sorts for the upcoming second generation of Corvettes: the new boat tail design that would go on to define what a Corvette looked like. It would be the first signs of transition into the C2 generation.

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