1959 Corvette

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Production Numbers: 9,670

Color Combinations: Tuxedo Black, Classic Cream, Frost Blue, Crown Sapphire, Roman Red, Snowcrest White, Inca Silver

Engine Type: 283 cu in (4.6 L) Small-block V8

Transmission: 3-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh, 4-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh, Powerglide special automatic transmission

Additional Stats: First appearance of the dash storage bin, the louvers and chrome strips from previous year were removed.

The success of the 1958 Corvette bled onto the line’s next iteration, for the 1959 edition of America’s sports car was an even bigger seller than its predecessor while not making any major changes. The high production numbers spoke to the appeal of the now-perfected Corvette and its more than positive reception among its intended market. As sports car enthusiasts began to prefer the Corvette over its European counterparts, the emphasis on enhancing the driving experience and improving upon the performance became front and foremost. The 1959 Corvette had to succeed in all levels, be them aesthetic, practical, or comfort oriented.

The 1959 Corvette remained virtually unchanged from its predecessor, although it did remove the chrome strips and louvers, making the 1958 model the only one with such visual features. It was the first to feature a black interior and a dash storage bin, providing an ever-improving and unique interior experience. Additionally, this was the only year in Corvette history where turquoise convertible tops could be ordered, giving this feature a particular nostalgic value. The 1959 Corvette would help the line ride off the decade with a bang, paving the way for a very successful one ahead.

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