1956-1957 Corvette

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Production Numbers: 3,467 (1956), 6,339 (1957)

Color Combinations: Onyx Black, Aztec Copper, Cascade Green, Arctic Blue, Venetian Red, Polo White (1956), Polo White, Onyx Black, Aztec Copper, Cascade Green, Arctic Blue, Venetian Red, Inca Silver (1957)

Engine Type: 265 cu in (4.3 L) Small-block V8 (1956), 283 cu in (4.6 L) Small-block V8 (1957)

Transmission: 3-speed close-ratio Synchro Mesh, Powerglide special automatic transmission

Additional Stats: New body, roll up windows, 3-speed transmission becomes the standard while powerglide transmission becomes an option

The 1956 Corvette had the daunting mission of carving up Chevrolet’s own niche in the sports car landscape. While trying to please the American public, particularly those familiar with European sports cars, Chevrolet was aiming quite high. With the models having been deemed as “not a real sports cars” by many of their buyers, the poor numbers and general reception of the first three production years represented a challenge for the new model and Chevrolet did not disappoint. 

The new body and convertible top eliminated the previous complaints of leaking and enhanced the driving experience. And when the new production year arrived, the 1957 Corvette virtually cloned the 1956 model, this time with a new 283 cu in engine and a new 4-speed transmission option. The 1957 Corvette almost doubled last year’s production numbers, making it the biggest success of the line so far. The line also started to find success as a race car in Europe, with such options being offered.

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