Buick GSX

The Buick GSX is the Buick classic muscle car. You can tell what Buick was going for with their advertising slogans for it: “Another ‘Light Your Fire’ From Buick” and “A Brand New Brand of Buick.” This is what Buick made to compete on the road with the Chevelle SS, Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30, the GTO Judge and others.

What sets these vehicles apart from other muscle cars of the era is the torque. The 510 lb-ft the Buick 455 was no joke; in fact it was the single highest torque output of an American production performance car. That wasn’t one of those car records that get broken every year when the next model comes out. No, that record lasted for more than three decades.

Sometimes, when people think of American muscle cars, they see them as a great body, an engine, and that’s basically it. That’s the opposite of the GSX. This muscle car had all kinds of high performance features. Wide oval tires, anti-sway bars front and rear, limited-slip rear differential with quad-link suspension – if you can think of a feature that was big for muscle cars at the time, it was probably on the GSX.

It’s easy to tell when you have a GSX, as many were available in two colors: Apollo White and Saturn Yellow. The full body length black stripe, outlined in red pin stripes and crossing over the standard equipment rear spoiler was also synonymous with the GX, as all GSX cars have that stripe. Restored matching numbers versions of these classic cars can be quite valuable indeed.