Buick Skylark GS

In 1964, Buick saw the success to the GTO. So, they realized they had to do something in 1965. They took the Skylark they already had and gave it the “Gran Sport” treatment. That didn’t mean they just slapped a new name on it. It means that they gave the Skylark larger, better tires. It means they improved the suspension while adding bucket seats and a boxed, convertible frame. On top of that, the main addition was Buick’s proven 401-cu.in.V-8. In fact, this was the largest engine permitted by GM at the time.

Called “nailhead,” this engine produced a striking 352 hp. These vehicles come in multiple forms, as you can get them in hardtop, coupe, or as a convertible. The additions to this vehicle weren’t limited to just the engine, however. The radiator was significantly improved and dual exhaust was added. Gran Sport badging was added to, so that everyone who walked by this vehicle would note that this isn’t just the typical Skylark; this is something more.

Highly successful racing vehicles at the time, they’re still sought after today. Their loyal following has never diminished, and folks continue to love these vehicles. They have a rugged nature that lets them stand out even among other Buick Skylark models.