1991-1996 Buick Roadmaster

Sell a Classic 1991-1996 Buick Roadmaster

Production Numbers: 225,455

Color Options: Adriatic blue, Buick black, Bright white, Dark Cherry red, Dark green gray, Dark Jadestone green,  Dark Sapphire blue, Light Sapphire blue, Buick green, Light Adriatic blue, Driftwood, Sandrift, Lichen, Garnet red, Metallic gray, Platinum gray, Ruby red, Metallic silver, Smokey Amethyst

Engine Type: 5.0 L L03 V8, 5.7 L L05 V8, 5.7 L LT1 V8

Transmission: 4-speed 4L60 automatic, 4-speed 4L60-E automatic

Additional Stats: Revival after over three decades without the Roadmaster name

Following a thirty-three year-long absence, Buick reintroduced the Roadmaster name to their line in 1991. The new iteration of the name consisted of two models: a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon known as the Roadmaster Estate. While the sedan version of the new Buick Roadmaster was clearly defined by the aesthetics of the warly nineties automobile scene, the Roadmaster Estate sported a simulation wood exterior that evoked nostalgic images of the woodie-wagons of the past. This throwback vehicle immediately became a success upon its release.

The revival enjoyed a strong start, selling over eighty-thousand units in 1992, but that number was cut in half the year after and it continued to go lower every year after that. Both Roadmaster models were discontinued in December 1996, due to both an overcrowding among Buick’s high-end sedans and the success of full-size SUVs over state wagons. This marked the end of any American state wagons all the way until 2005. 

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