1949-1953 Buick Roadmaster

sell a classic 1949-1953 Buick Roadmaster

Production Numbers: N/A

Color Options: Allendale green, Regency blue, Calvert blue, Nickel gray, Old ivory, Mariner blue, Sand gray, Verde green, Sequoia cream, Cumulus gray, Royal maroon, Sunmist gray, Bahama blue, Gala green, Elan blue, Cirrus green

Engine Type: 320 cu in (5.2 L) Fireball I8, 322 cu in (5.3 L) Nailhead V8

Transmission: 2-speed Dynaflow automatic

Additional Stats: Introduction of VentiPorts to the Buick line, Dynaflow transmission became standard, horsepower increased to 150

It wasn’t until 1949, years after the fourth Buick Roadmaster generation was disrupted by World War II, that the line received its first major postwar restyling. Compared in promotional materials to observation cars in trains, the new 1949 Buick roadmaster featured a larger two-piece curved windshield that gave the vehicle a stylish new front look. This was also the year that Buick introduced VentiPorts, which were based on a modification a stylist implemented on his own vehicle and were meant to help ventilate the engine compartment. However, these soon became plugged.

The Buick Roadmaster line, which had until then been available as a four-door sedan, a two-door sedanet coupe, and a two-door convertible, introduced new variations for its fifth generation. These included the four-door Riviera sedan, the two-door Riviera hardtop, the four-door Estate wagon, and the two-door Skylark convertible. The Roadmaster line continued to enjoy success throughout this iteration of the model, enjoying the booming postwar economy and the advances of automobile design.

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