1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster

1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster

Production Numbers: N/A

Color Options: Rainier blue, Ludington green, English green, Permanent red, Silver French gray, Lancaster gray, Chenango gray, Yakima Gray, Sequoia gray, Pearl gray, Honolulu blue, Salt Lake green, Ridge green, Folkstone beige, River Mist gray, Sequoia cream, Royal maroon, Nightshade blue, Dusty gray, Canterbury blue, Sherwood green, Brunswick green, Lehigh gray, Seine blue, Calvert blue

Engine Type: 320 cu in (5.2 L) Fireball I8 

Transmission: 3-speed sliding shift manual, 2-speed Dynaflow automatic

Additional Stats: Largest Buick Roadmaster to date due to extended wheelbase, new Airfoil fenders and vertical bar grille

The fourth generation of the Buick Roadmaster line debuted in 1942 as a longer, lower, wider, and larger vehicle than its predecessors, which was, in part, meant to accommodate the new longer 129-inch wheelbase. To make sure that the design adapted to this new body, the model was given a brand new vertical bar grille and Airfoil fenders that went all the way to the rear fenders. Both of these features would subsequently become iconic draws of the Buick name in many models to come.

The first year of this Buick generation was impacted by the beginning of American involvement in World War II, which meant that new cars would only be available to those whose professions were considered essential to the war effort. It also meant that only cars with no exterior chrome other than that in their bumpers were being made. Despite the war’s impact, over eight thousand units of the 1942 Buick Roadmaster were sold. Production wouldn’t resume as normal until 1946.

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