Buick GS 350

The GS 350 comes by its name honestly: this car has a 350 cubic inch small block engine. The GS 340 came the year before (1967 to the GS 350’s 1968) and didn’t sell so well. The GS 350 however was quite a hit. These vehicles were made for a long time, going until the end of V8 Gran Sport production in 1975.

Considered unique by virtue of having a front-mounted distributor (many other vehicles at the time used rear-mounted distributors); the GS 350 was designed to combine several worlds of influence. It looked and felt like the other supercars of the time, but it was built to be something other than just that. Indeed, it also maintained quality performance levels while having an affordable price at the time. This was a supercar with a reasonable price point so that regular people could have them.

Of course, they’re still a big hit today. They have everything that you expect from the Gran Sport moniker: the unique badges, the quality design and more.