Alfa Romeo Giulietta (750/101)

alfa romeo giulietta

Produced in the year 1954 the Alfa Romeo Giuletta was labelled with the 750 number. This was to denote the sedans, convertibles and coupes fitted with 1290cc engine with 4 speed transmission
The Veloce models, known for their high performance and lightweight countenance also held onto this number although it had many unique characteristics that were not the normal run of the mill Spider Convertibles or Sprint coupes.


During 1959 the 101 was launched with it’s wheelbase elongated and the addition of an egg-crate texture to the side and center grilles and fixed door vent windows as well as bigger tail lights.
The most vital change was the engine constitution and the 4 speed transmission. The engine now replaced the sandcast component with a diecast cylinder block and the transmission was now placed into a new casing which was originally used for the Sprint Speciale. This motor vehicle was designed by Scaglione and had been launched a full 24 months previous.
The 5 speed gear boxes now present in 101 series Giuletta are period conversations or later additions.
The shift to 101 production from the original 750 was slow, new items in the vehicles replacing the old over time. As usual with Italian motors many deviated from the original specifications.


This year a 1570cc engine was added and the five speed was incorporated in every vehicle.
In regard to the Spider the hood of the low slung incorporated a large bulge and the cars name transformed into the Giulias. They were still 101ers however.
Some 24,084 Giulietta Sprint Coupes were built in the time period from 1954 to 1962. At the same time 14,300 Spider convertibles were churned out. The Veloce was a lot less only 3.058 Sprints and less than 3,000 Spiders a total of 2,796.
1,366 Sprint Sprciale’s were produced, 200 Zgato bodied SZ Coupes. The Giulia Sprint totalled 7,107 and 1,400 of the Speciale’s version. Giulia Spiders included 9,250 and an additional 1,091 Veoce convertibles.
The numbers in 1964 and 1965 totalled 1,900 cars incorporaring that 1.3 liter Giulietta engine.
In Conclusion
The Alfa Romeo Guletta was then produced over an 11 year time-frame. It was assembled in Italy including places such as Portello and Turin but as far afield as East London and South Africa with the later models.
It came through in 3 body styles, a Spider or convertible, a sedan or Berlina and a coupe or Sprint. As mentioned earlier it had a 1290cc engine and a 4 speed then a 5 speed manual transmission.
It’s design was by Franco Scaglione in Pininfarina and Ercole Spada at Zagato.
The Giuletta was launched at the Turin Motor Show in 1954, 132,000 were produced from the Milan Portello factory.
The first car to be created was the coupe Giulietta Sprint, launched in 1954 towards the end of the year.
A sedan followed in early 1955 and by mid year the 2 seat Giulietta Spider was introduced, bodywork by Pininfarina.
The Giulietta TI (Turismo Internazionale) Berlina followed in 1957 and was mainly the same with small changes to the dial lights and rear lamps and the hood.
Carrozzeria Colli also produced the Giulietta station wagon variant called Giulietta Promiscua and only 91 examples of this version were built.
Carrozzeria Boneschi also made a few station wagon examples called Weekendina.

Giulietta Second Series

1959 Re-Styling

The new version of the Giulietta debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1959. T
The changes included the fuel tank being incorporated in the right rear fender
It was also fitted with a door.
There was also a redefined nose with more rounded wings.
It also incorporated recessed lights with new headlights and grille rings revised with horizontal bars.
The interior was also incredibly organized and the dashboard instruments had an elongated bore including the tachometer. As previously discussed the series number was changed from 750/753 to the 101 series.
Restyling 1961
The TI version was upgraded to 74 PS (54 kW).
With this new engine the car could reach a speed of almost 160 km/h (99 mph).
The standard Berlina continued to be produced until 1963, whilst the TI continued for one year more.

Production Figures: 

Berlina: 39,057
TI: 92,728
Sprint: 24,084
Sprint Veloce: 3,058
Spider: 14,300
Spider Veloce: 2,796
Promiscua (Wagon ): 91

Giulietta engines

The engine was an Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine of 1290 cc straight-4
It had a light alloy cylinder block and an alloy cylinder head with twin overhead camshafts.
The original engine produced a power output of 62 hp and 80 hp in the Sprint.
This was to be increased to 100 hp in the Giulietta Sprint Speciale and the Giulietta Sprint Zagato


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