Jaguar XK140

jaguar xk

Manufactured by the mighty Jaguar Motors in the 3 years between 1954 and 1957 the Jaguar XK140 succeeded the Jaguar XK120 which has a number of additions and upgrades on the previous model.
These include:
Improved brakes
Larger Interior Space
New Rack & Pinion Steering
Telescopic Shock Absorbers
Increased Suspension Travel
Larger Front than the Jaguar XK120
Bigger rear and front bumpers
Flashing turn signals on the front bumper
There were changes to the Grille which, although was the same size as the previous model now had fewer bars and a Jaguar Badge now placed within the surround. There was also an additional chrome trim strip which ran along the bonnet’s centre and the trunk’s lid. The badge on the trunk’s lid was emblazoned with the motif “Winner Le Mans 1951-3”.
The dash, engine and firewall was moved inches forward and the Jaguar XK140 was driven by the same engine as the Jaguar XK120 with a few modifications raising the power to 190bhp with 5500RPM as standard. It should be noted that the C-Type Cylinder Head produced 210 BHP with a gross of 5750RPM.
The Jaguar XK140 SE in Great Britain and the Jaguar XK140 MC in the U.S.A. had a C-Type head, 2 inch sand-cast H8 Carburettors, twin exhausts, heavier torsion bars and by 1956 it had automatic transmission. Dual exhausts and wire wheels were optional and those with the standard wheels had “fender skirts”. It was fitted with 6.00 x 16 inch crossply tyres, but 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 could be ordered and fitted on 16 x 5K1/2 wheels.

Body Style

The Jaguar XK140 Roadster OTS had a canvas top hat folded ut of sight and the leather interior was updated to include the dash. Like the Jaguar XK120 the XK140 had:
Removable plastic side curtains and canvas
Light Alloy Barchetta Type doors
Tonneau cover
But it differed in that:
The scuttle panel and door tops were reduced by 2 inches (to allow a modern position for the steering wheel)
The doors’ front face was now 90 degrees for easier access

The Jaguar XK140 Drophead Coupe

The Jaguar XK140 had a bulky lined canvas top, wind up side windows, a fixed windscreen aligned with the body as well as a small rear seat. The dashboard was now walnut as were the door cappings.

The Jaguar XK140 Fixed Head Coupe

The Fixed Head Coupé (FHC) shared the DHC’s interior trim and rear seat. The prototype Fixed Head Coupe retained the XK120 Fixed Head roof-profile, with the front wings and doors the same as the Drophead. In production, the roof was lengthened with the screen being placed further forward, shorter front wings, and longer doors. This resulted in more interior space, and more legroom.

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