Bentley Azure

Bentley’s beloved large four-seater convertible is called “Azure.” It featured a 6.75-litre V8 with one Garrett turbocharger. With 360 horsepower, it could go up to 150 mph. This is a convertible that’s much faster than its look and size might say. Considered a “Grand Tourer,” this car is big enough for four adults to sit comfortably in it. This is a true sports car that also has a stately presence all its own.

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There’s nothing quite like putting the pedal down with the top down in this vehicle… only to pull up to a formal occasion and hand your keys to the valet. The Azure was produced from 1995 through 2003. In 1999, the “Mulliner” trim version was available. It offered more torque as well as stiffen torsion bars in the front and the rear. That made for a vehicle with even better roadholding than before. Additionally, the Mulliner version added a special bespoke trim to the vehicle, making for a unique look.